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Evolution3 BenchTop User Guide – Get to know cutter

The patented ‘Lift-and-Hover’ is a unique Keencut development that combines three features to give the ultimate in accuracy and productivity.

The BenchTop can hold the whole length of the cutter bar a very short distance above the object being trimmed and hold it there even if the levers are released. This leaves both hands free to align the objects cutting marks to the edge of the sightline strip. Pushing either lever fully lowers the cutter bar and clamps the object ready for cutting.

Sightline strip  –  These are easily replaceable and are available from your supplier.
See how to replace the sightline strip >

Pull and remove end stop.

Slide the cutting head to the right.

Lift up the head to remove it.

Insert the cutting head of your choice, and slide it to the left.

More than one tool can be mounted on the cutter bar if required.

Always replace the end stop.