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Easy Measuring Scale Installation Manual – Installation

Slide the measuring stops on to the left and right hand Easy Measuring Scales

Left hand side
Right hand side

Remove the machines own measuring stop.

A) Loosen the two screws so the fixing blocks allow the Easy Measuring Scale to slide onto the squaring arm.

B) Ensure the end cap is flush with the end of the squaring arm and tighten the two fixing screws using a 4mm Allen (Hex) key.

Do this firmly
Left hand side

Align the material stop with a measurement on the squaring arm and make note of this measurement. Make a pencil mark on the aluminium as shown.

Remove end cap using 4mm Allen (hex) key. Remove the measuring stop. Check the steel strip for the measuring tape is centred along its length.

Apply the scale to the steel strip so the recorded measurement on the tape aligns with the pencil mark. Carefully trim the excess tape at each end of the steel strip.

Replace the measuring stop and the end cap.

Fine adjustments can be made by sliding the steel measuring strip.

Repeat process on right hand side.