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Keencut Growth Strategy

Posted by Jordan on 18 October 2018

There have been many changes at Keencut over the past 18 months, all focused towards improving the results that we deliver to our distribution partners.

More support staff

We’ve significantly increased the number of support staff to provide better service and assistance.  New specialists have joined the team to strengthen our marketing and product training, dedicated spare parts support and additional design/technical capacity. Now that our team is in place, we will be starting 2019 with a massively increased capacity ready to support your drive for higher sales.

Dedicated training resources

Did you know that Keencut HQ now has its own dedicated training rooms?

We have cutters in place for your staff and dealers to get training directly from our experts.

You can also use our training facilities for your own customer demonstrations?

We’ve been taking steps to improve our facilities over the past few months,

with even more developments planned for the future.


Picture: Tom and Alys from Art Systems completing their training.

Art Systems training


Faster delivery times

There have been big investments in new machinery and improved working practices at the Keencut factory. Our investment means that we have reduced the order to dispatch time from three weeks to just three days!  This now gives you much more flexibility for your orders and stock holding options.

New products

A big part of the new growth strategy is focused on developing new products and

gathering more feedback from users. The Excalibur 3S was the first of these

developments, filling a gap in the market between the SteelTrak and Excalibur 5000.

In addition to considering how we can design the next generation of some of our

current range, we are now creating new products for new industries and applications.

We have a strong product development pipeline, so watch our social media for


Excalibur 3S Main Picture