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1. Mount Cutter Overview

In the first episode of his Keencut Picture Framing Series, award-winning picture framer David Wilkie GCF explains all the Keencut Ultimat Futura mount cutter features. He shows you how the Ultimat Futura easily measures and cuts your picture mounts to create perfect frames. He discusses the cutting head with its bevel and straight blades as well as the adjustable blade cartridges. David works through each feature, including the squaring arm, mount guide, and v-groove.  He also outlines the use of the micro adjusters on the stops to dial out under or over cuts. This initial video will give you the background you need to follow the Keencut Picture Framing Series.

This video is part of the Keencut Picture Framing Masterclass presented by award-winning picture framer David Wilkie GCF. The videos are divided into two series with episodes for the Framing Series and episodes for the more experienced framer in the Advanced Series. David offers easy-to-follow and clear instructions to teach you new framing skills.


Where can I buy Keencut products?

If you want to buy any Keencut products shown in this Masterclass, please click here >