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Which balance cord assembly does your SteelTrak need?

Please note: This information only applies to the ST165 and ST210

SteelTrak 165 and 210’s built prior to March 2010 did not have the guard (A) and spacers (B) fitted, the two pulleys underneath were fully visible. From serial number N5273 onwards, the guard was added to prevent the possibility of the cord jumping from the pulley and jamming, if the machine was used too vigorously.

Many machines before N5273 will have been retrofitted with the guard and spacers but if replacing the balance cord assembly for an older machine, the ‘older style’ will need to be specified.
Machines manufactured after 2010 will have been fitted with newer style balance weight cord assemblies and will need to be ordered as such, if required.

Guards and spacer rings are also available to fit the machines that currently don’t have them. Please be sure to fit the spacers under the guard, as shown in the diagram.

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