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How to replace the set of track rollers on the SteelTrak

To do this you will need the SteelTrak track roller (full set) >

Tools required:

  • Allen (hex) key  4 & 5mm
  • 13mm spanner/wrench
  • 5mm spanner/wrench or grips
  • Worn scouring pad
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Petroleum jelly (Vaseline)
  • 30cm (1’) strong string to anchor balance weight
  • 0.15mm (0.006″) feeler gauge or a stout piece of paper


What to do

NOTE:  Two people required and it is important to read and understand the instructions fully before starting work

  • Preparation:
    • Close the clamp
    • Using the 4mm and 5mm Allen (hex) key loosen the four screws shown by four full turns
    • Raise the existing cutting head up to head height. Check the new head can be placed loosely onto the tracks at chest height, if not undo the four screws another turn until it does. Remove new cutting head and place aside.


  • To remove the cutting head loosen the top and bottom handle bracket screws by four full turns using the 4mm Allen (hex) key. Do not loosen the middle screw.
  • Whilst person A holds onto the cutting head main handle, person B loosens the two spring bar fixing screws by four full turns using the 5mm Allen (hex) key. The cutting head should now come loose and may want to travel up the machine, do not let go of the handle.  Try to move it off the tracks, if it will not release undo all four screws by another turn or two until it does.
  • With person A still holding the cutting head, person B (with gloved hands) hold onto the steel balance weight cable whilst it is released from the rear of the cutting head plate using a 5mm Allen (hex) key.
  • Use the strong string to tie the end of the balance weight cord to an adjacent support arm whilst the track is cleaned.
  • Using a worn scouring pad with a small amount of petroleum jelly rub the two guide bars to remove any debris and stains, wipe with a clean cloth and finally apply a very thin smear of petroleum jelly.
  • Replace the two fixed track rollers using the 5mm Allen (hex) key, it is important that the washer under the track roller is dish shaped and it is important it is replaced the same way round (concave face towards the cutter plate).
  • Replace the two adjustable track rollers mounted on the steel bar with the oval holes. Hold the shafts from rotating using the 5mm spanner/wrench or grips, partially loosen the nut with the 13mm spanner/wrench.  Remove the nut and track roller leaving the washer in place whilst trying to prevent the shaft from rotating.  Replace the trach roller and tighten the nut again trying to keep the shaft from rotating.
  • Secure the balance weight cable back onto the cutting head using the 5mm Allen (hex) key.
  • Position the track rollers on the tracks and fully tighten the four screws using the 4mm & 5mm Allen (hex) keys.
  • The steel bar with the oval holes, the spring bar, holds the two adjustable track rollers and is designed to flex a small amount, like a spring and add tension so the guide track rollers are pressed onto the tracks. It is important that the tension is set correctly, use a 0.15mm (0.006″) feeler gauge or a stout piece of paper to measure the gap under the Spring Block as shown. If the gap is too large or too small the adjacent track roller will need adjusting.
  • When the correct gap appears hold the Shaft still and tighten the locking nut.
  • Finally check the cutting head runs the full length of the machine and when the utility blade is engaged it is automatically released at the bottom of the machine.

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