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How to replace the ratchet lever on the SteelTrak.

To do this you will need the SteelTrak ratchet lever kit >

Tools required: 

  • Allen (hex) key 3 & 4mm 
  • 8mm spanner/wrench 
  • Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or lithium grease 
  • A short piece of wire (e.g. an opened paper clip) 

  • The ratchet lever (red) is positioned in the middle of the cutting head and holds the cutter in position when engaged for cutting.  The parts in green will be removed from following drawings for claritydo not remove these parts to carry out the work. 

  • Using the 4mm Allen (hex) key remove the main handle 

  • Use the 3mm Allen (hex) key to remove the grub screw and spring; a piece of thin wire is helpful for this.  Remove the dome nut and washer using an 8mm spanner/wrench. 

  • Remove the ratchet lever and the washer behind it.  A solid pin floats in the hole the spring was removed from and if it looks worn or otherwise requires replacing it can be pushed out of hole with a piece of wire. 

  • Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly or lithium grease around the hole in the ratchet lever and to the area where the end of the solid pin rests.  Fit the washer ratchet lever, second washer and fit the nut but do not tighten fully. 

  • Apply small amount of petroleum jelly or lithium grease to the pin and spring, push them into the hole and lock in place with the grub screw using the 3mm Allen (hex) key.  The top of the grub screw should be flush or just under flush with the top of the hole. 

  • Replace the handle and tighten all three screws using the 4mm Allen (hex) key.   
  • Check the action of the ratchet lever by checking there is no side-to-side movement of the lever and the spring returns the lever when it is released, adjust the dome nut with the 8mm spanner/wrench as necessary. 

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