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How to replace the push rod assembly on the SteelTrak and Excalibur

To do this you will need the SteelTrak & Excalibur push rod assembly >

Tools required

  • Allen (hex) key 4mm
  • Allen (hex) key 5mm
  • Small screwdrive or steel ruler
  • Pen and paper
  • 2 x 100mm open ended spanner/wrench


What to do

  • Using a small screwdrive or steel ruler, pry off the two black plastic cover strips that are fixed on the right hand side of the slideway.

  • Using a 5mm Allen (hex) key, remove the two screws and pull off the handle assembly.
  • Ensure the face of the housing points upwards as you do to prevent parts falling to the floor.

  • Now measure and note dimension X shown on the picture.
  • Then pull the pin (A) out of the clevis (B) at the top of the push rod.

  • Loosen the two locking nuts (the black one has a left hand thread) using a 100mm open ended spanner/wrench.
  • Rotate the adjuster (C) to close the gap between itself and the clevis (B) as much as possible, sometimes this can be done using your fingers rather than the spanner/ wrench.
  • Remove the pin (A) from the lower clevis (B).

  • Now remove the push rod
  • On some versions the push rod may need to be flexed slightly to remove it.
  • To assist with the removal from the main clamp bar remove the top right and bottom left screws and locking washers from both pivot housings (D) using a 4mm Allen key.

  • Reassembly is the reverse procedure to removal, set the clamp adjuster (C) near to the dimension ‘X’ measured orignally.
  • To adjust the clamp a simple test can be done with a sheet of paper, the clamp adjuster (C) is set correctly if the clamp grips the paper at the top and the bottom of the machine. (NOTE ‐ it may not grip the paper in the middle of the clamp bar but this is normal).
  • Once you are satisfied tighten the locking nuts. Tighten the silver locking nut first (clockwise) whilst holding the adjuster in position with a second spanner/wrench.
  • Now tighten the black locking nut (counter clockwise) again make sure the adjuster does not move.
  • Operate the clamp a few times and check again, adjust further if necessary.
  • Once satsified replace the black cover strips.

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