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How to replace the clamp housing/handle assembly on the Excalibur and SteelTrak

To do this you will need the SteelTrak & Excalibur clamp housing/handle assembly >

Tools required: 

  • Allen (hex) key 3 & 5mm 


What to do 

  • Using 5mm Allen (hex) key remove the two screws and pull off the assembly ensuring the inside face of the housing points upwards as you do so to prevent parts falling to the floor. 
  • Offer the replacement into position and lightly tighten both screws, move the clamp handle to ensure the internal mechanism is aligned and the clamp bar moves in and out. 
  • Fully tighten the screws using the 5mm Allen (hex) key. 
  • Adjust the maximum clamping pressure using the 3mm Allen (hex) key, turn both adjacent grub screws clockwise until they stop then undo each screw by ¼ turn, further small adjustments can be made to increase or decrease the maximum clamping pressure as desired. 

Note:  The adjustment governs how much pressure is applied to the material once the clamping handle has been released.  So, press lightly on the clamping handle to hold delicate materials without damage.  When the handle is released after pressing harder than the maximum set clamping pressure, the pressure will be reduced to the maximum set pressure. 

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