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How to replace the return spring on the SteelTrak

What to do

  • Make sure the cutting head is in its rest position and not pushed forward and being held by the ratchet.  
  • The black plastic guard can be removed for better access, but it is not essential.  

  • Remove the spring anchor using the 4mm Allen (hex) key.  

  • Unwind the existing spring from the holes in the swinging arm plate.  

  • Wind the spring anchor onto either end of the spring and then thread the spring into the holes in the swinging arm plate.  Ensure it is fully wound on at both ends then turn back so the spring anchor sits parallel to the plate. 

  • Attach the spring anchor ensuring the washer is replaced between the spring anchor and the main aluminium plate.
  • Using the 4mm Allen (hex) key offer the screw to the hole at an angle, lever and push it gently into the hole, bring it perpendicular to the aluminium plate to align the thread and then rotate the screw.
  • IMPORTANT: Do not tighten the screw fully at this stage.  

  • Push the swinging arm forward to the full extent of the ratchet then tighten the screw fully. 

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