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How to replace the SteelTrak balance weight cord

Before you start

Before starting any work, the machine must be removed from the wall or free standing kit and laid flat on its back. Please ensure you that you have the following equipment:

  • 5mm Allen key (hex key)

Please note: A minimum of 2 people are required to lay the SteelTrak flat

1. Loosening the cutting head

Once the machine is flat on the floor, undo the four Allen screws by three turns only, do not loosen the centre screw. This will loosen the cutting head on its track and allow you to remove it.

2. Removing head from track

Lift and push the cutting head to the left and it will come free of the track. Please note, the cutting head is heavy.

3. Remove the anchor screw

Remove the cord anchor screw with its washer and spacer tube, fit the new cord and refit the cutting head to the machine.

4. Remove pulley block

Remove the Allen screw holding the pulley block in position.

Remove the pulley block and remove the Allen screws to release the two pulleys and the cord. Also remove the cable guide (A), if fitted.

5. Replace cord

Loosen the locking nut on top of the balance weight, unscrew the cable fixing and replace with the new cord. Be sure to thread the new cord through the hole in the top plate first. The version shown in the diagram is pre 2010, on newer machines, remove the Allen (hex) screw in the side of the balance weight to release the cord.

6. Reassemble machine

Replace the balance weight and check the cord is not twisted.
Re-fix the pulley’s and cable guide, then re-fix the pulley block. Ensure all screws are secured tightly and the balance weight and its pulleys are lubricated with Petroleum jelly, Silicone or Lithium grease. Do not use oil.

Place the cutting head at the bottom of the machine before lifting it vertical and securing it back in its operating position. Please note: this requires a minimum of 2 people.

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