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Replacing the glass cutter block on an Excalibur 5000

Use this guide if you are needing to replace the glass cutting block that holds the glass cutting wheel on the Excalibur 5000.

1. Insert block assembly

Insert the block assembly into position and fully screw in the Allen headed screw to hold it in place.


2. Check the pressure when cutting

Once the block is replaced you will need to check the cutting pressure is correct as this may now need adjusting.

Place glass on the machine raise the cutting head above it and push it forward ‘four’ clicks of the ratchet. Using a 1.5mm Allen key, adjust the grub screw in the recess as shown so that the glass cutting wheel climbs 2mm (1/16”) up the edge of the glass when starting to score.

Further details on this process can be found here >

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