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Packing the Ultimat Futura and Ultimat Gold

Before you start

Before starting any work, check that you have the following equipment:

  • Original box

1. Prepare machine and box

To prepare the machine, make sure there are no loose parts that could move around during transit and get damaged, or damage other parts of the machine, then carefully open both flaps on the fitting box and place the respective parts on the bottom layer as shown.



2. Place margin guide and slideway in next layer

Close the right hand flap and place the margin guide and margin guide slideway on the next layer. Fold up the end flaps and then fold over the top flap, as shown.


3. Tuck in the flaps to secure

Tuck in the flaps at each end and along the front edge to secure the box, as shown.


4. Secure head with fittings box

The cut-out in the underside (A) of the fittings box will allow it to be placed over the cutting head, position the cutting head on the machine so that the fittings box will sit on the base of the cutter. The tuck-in edge tabs on the fittings box should align with the right hand edge of the base, as shown.


5. Finish packing

Lastly, strap the fittings box onto the base of the cutter, using tape or stretch wrap, then place the machine and fittings into the outer carton. Push in the card buffers between each end of the machine and the box, then close and secure the outer carton.

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