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How to remove the SteelTrak cutting head

Before you start

Before starting any work, check the machine is firmly fixed to the wall or freestanding leg and that you have the following equipment:

  • 4mm and 5mm Allen keys (hex keys)

Follow these instructions

Using 4mm and 5mm Allen keys, loosen the top and bottom two screws facing towards you on the edge of the cutter plate by 3 or 4 turns.

The cutting head will then become loose on the slideway (A) and can be carefully moved to the left to disengage it. The balance weight cable (B) will still be attached and prevent it from falling but do not let go of the cutting head, please keep it fully supported at all times.

Remove the balance weight cable after preparing a hook or fixing to tether it, once unfixed. The balance weight is very heavy and it is essential the cable is not released, or the balance weight will fall.


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