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How to remove and replace the Evolution E2 cutting head

Before you start

Before starting any work, check that you have the following equipment:

  • Thick card or plastic
  • 2mm Allen key (Hex key)

1. Cut a strip of thick card or plastic

Before removing the cutting head use the machine to cut a strip about 6mm (1/4”) wide from a 1mm (1/16”) thick card or plastic .  This will be used later in the removal process.




2. Remove blade holders

Make the blade holders safe by removing the blade or in the case of the rotary cutter rotate the red guard to cover the blade (as shown).

Then remove both blade holders.

3. Undo the scews

Using a 2mm Allen key undo the four adjustment screws (A) so there is at least 3mm  of the screw protruding from the hole (you can remove these completely if you choose).

Remove the four flat topped Allen screws (B), also with a 2mm key, these hold the two bearing blocks in place.


4. Remove the head

The sliding bearing blocks can be seen from the end of the cutting head (A).

Lay the strip of card/plastic in the base of the v groove as shown and hold it in position.  Slide the cutting head over the strip so that the two bearing blocks are pushed out of the cutting head.

To remove the cutting head push it away from the rear v groove and lift the front face and it should come free of the slideway.

Instructions for changing the bearing blocks

If you need to change the bearing blocks remove the rear pair and replace them and the fixing screws with new then reverse the above procedure to fit the cutting head and new front bearings.

Refer to page 5.1 of the instruction manual to adjust the bearings, recheck  a few weeks after as the bearings will bed in over time.

Download manual in English >


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