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How to check Evolution E2 base plate straightness

Before you start

Before starting any work, check that you have the following equipment:

  • Strong thin cord

1. Setting up the cord

The straightness of the base plate (A) is measured by stretching a thin strong cord (B) down the length of the groove the blade runs in (C).



2. Testing the straightness

Once your cord is in position, all along the groove the cord should be:-

  1. Within 1mm of the centre of the groove, if this is not the case the base plate mounting brackets need to be adjusted as explained on page 3.2 of the instruction manual.
  2. Level with the top surface of the base plate, if the level/flatness requires adjustment follow the instructions on page 3.5 of the manual.

Download manual in English >

If either of these settings are incorrect they will result in inconsistent and non-straight cutting.


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