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How to replace the the squaring adjuster at the top of the Excalibur

To do this you will need Excalibur 3S & Excalibur 5000 squaring adjuster kit >

Tools required

  • 13mm spanner/wrench
  • 6mm Allen (hex) key


What to do

  • Remove the top of the three Allen (hex) screws at the top of the central spine.
  • Take the machine away from its bracket if mounted on the wall and support safely to gain access to the top rear of the machine.
  • Take photographs of the adjuster rod before removing it and measure the distance from the underside of the knob to the fist nut on the screwed rod.
  • Unlock the two nuts furthest from the knob using the 13mm spanner/wrench and unscrew the rod completely from the block rotating the nuts as you go.
  • Reverse the procedure to replace the components ensuring the washers are compressed such that the threaded bar is only just able to turn and not tightening up the block fixing screw until last.

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