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Your ready made Evolution3™ 4x faster campaign!

This page contains all you need to launch a sales campaign for the Evolution3™

It is based on a test proving that the Evolution3™ dramatically speeds up production – 4x faster than cutting materials with a hand knife.

  • Users want to cut materials quickly and accurately
  • It’s about increasing productivity and decreasing waste


Fact-backed claims

We have tested cutting foam board on the Evolution3™ against cutting the same materials by hand. Under a control test environment, we have recorded each test and published a written test protocol so that all the claims are backed by facts.


Everything you need for your website, social media and email marketing is just a click away!


Reminder of the Evolution3™ top selling points

  • Fast – single-handed rapid alignment with the unique Lift-and-Hover and 4x greater productivity
  • Accurate– guaranteed to cut within 0.008″ (0.2mm) of a straight line for the full length of cut
  • Versatile – cuts rigid, semi-rigid and flexible materials – everything from 1/2″  (13mm) PVC foam board to tissue paper
  • Safe–  Everything designed to ensure operator safety

The Video

Use the video on your website, newsletter, and on social media – it also makes a great addition to a customer emailer.

To download a video:

  • Enlarge the video by clicking the full-screen icon on the bottom right, or click directly on the Download link
  • Click the aeroplane icon top right to share or access the URL
  • You will be presented with options to share and embed </>
  • The url is stated below the download options

Putting the Evolution3™ to the test

Download Keencut branded >
Download unbranded >

The Adverts

The adverts are in A4 format and can be downloaded by the links

Print ready Evolution3 advert with space for dealer logo

Print ready Evolution3 4X advert with bleed

Add your logo, contact details and QR code to link to your website.

The Social Media Posts

Social media cards are a quick and easy way to add great visual content to your posts. Click on the images to download  or use the free software package Canva to create campaign cards in your own style.

Just click the image to view and download.

And something for the season!

The Article or Blog

Articles are a great addition to your website to help drive search engine optimisation (SEO). Click the link to view and download.

Evolution3 4x faster than cutting by hand >

The Emailers and Leaflets

Here are suggested layouts and copy ideas to transfer to your own email software or use as flyers.  You could embed the video above to start your campaign. All of the images you will need are on the main Evolution3 resource page.

Click HERE for the pdf pack.

The Banners and Footers

Digital banners can be used on your website or as linked footers on your email. Just click the image to view and download





x4 Test protocol

We have provided a download of the testing protocol for the 4x faster tests so that you are aware of the process used to verify the campaign claims.

Testing protocol document >

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