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Table top cutter bar straightness test

Although the pictures show an Evolution E2 the same process can also be used on the Evolution3, Javelin and Javelin Integra.

Before you start

Before starting any work check that you have the following equipment:

  • An Allen key (Hex key)
  • A screwdriver
  • A length of PVC foamboard or similar plastic, 15-30cm (6″-12″ wide) and maximum length of cutter being tested
  • A strip of self adhesive packing tape

1. Prepare the material for the test

A length of PVC foamboard or similar plastic will be required to carry out this test. It should be 15-30cm (6”-12”) wide and ideally the maximum length that will fit in the cutter.

Stick a strip of self adhesive packing tape along the centre of the board as shown.

2. Place the board into the cutter

Place the board in the cutter so the tape is approximately central, apply very light pressure to the blade holder and cut along the length of the tape so ONLY the tape itself is cut.


3. Turn the board

Spin the PVC foamboard through 180° keeping the tape on top as shown.

Place it back under the cutter.

4. Cut the board again

Position the board so that the blade will cut 1mm (1/16”) away from the previous cut at both the start and the finish of the cut.

As before apply light pressure to the blade holder and cut down the length of the tape, only cutting the tape itself and not the board.

5. Measure the gap and record the results

Starting at one end measure the gap between the lines every 50cm (18”) along the length of the tape. It is important that the measurements are taken as accurately as possible. TIP: As long as the two cut lines do not cross it will be easier to measure the gap if you remove the strip of tape between the cut lines.


List the measurements on a table as shown below, Keencut can analyse the measurements to assess the straightness.

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