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Welcome to your dedicated resource page. We have selected Keencut resources that we believe will help to improve your promotion of our products. If you have any questions or require further items please contact Debbie at [email protected] 

Remove out of date product images

Some of the Keencut images on your website are out of date, or do not show the products at their best. The following links contain current images with new branding and in some cases products with new features.


The current images show the old branding and the old cutting head. This selection will bring everything up-to-date.

SteelTrak hero shot >

SteelTrak cutting head in action >

SteelTrak hero shot 2 >

SteelTrak detail >

SteelTrak cut out >

Sabre S2

You have a mix of old and new Sabre shots on different pages:

Old branding shown here

New branding shown here

Key Sabre S2 images

Sabre S2 hero shot >

Sabre S2 cut out >

Sabre S2 on stand >

Sabre S2 stand plus >



On your Evolution3 page, you show the FreeHand as the main image. We would suggest that you exchange this for the BenchTop or SmartFold as they both have the unique Lift-and-Hover system. We would also remove the folded down SmartFold image with the user using a hand knife. The images suggested will push the key features of the products.

Evolution3 SmartFold hero shot >

Evolution3 changing the heads >

Evolution3 illustrating the Lift-and-Hover >

Evolution3 cutting shot >

Evolution3 SmartFold cut out >

Evolution3 BenchTop cut out >

Evolution3 FreeHand cut out >

Safety Straight Edge

New images are available

Safety Straight Edge >

Safety Straight Edge sizes >

Remove Evolution E2

Remove this entry as this is not a current product

Product Brochures

We have new product brochures which are drawn from our website content. These may fit your style better for the page 2 content rather than using our old brochure style.

Evolution3 SmartFold brochure >

Evolution3 BenchTop brochure >

Evolution3 FreeHand brochure >

SteelTrak brochure >

Sabre S2 brochure >

Simplex >

Safety Straight Edge >

Product videos

We have product videos for every Keencut product. Each video explains the key benefits of the product and they may be useful to host on your website.

New Evolution3 individual model videos will be released shortly.

Click here for the product video playlist >


Keeping in touch with customers during lockdowns

It has been really hard to keep customers aware of our activities during lockdowns. At Keencut we wanted to add value and be as supportive as we could to our customer base.  We had a huge response to our video releases on how to cut, or how to use Keencut products on social media.

We have selected 5 that might be of interest to start a social campaign.

We can help add your branding and contact details and remove the Keencut details if you like the idea. It would be ‘Cohesive introduce… from the Keencut studio’

Then you just need to host the videos on your YouTube channel and link them to your social media.






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