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Checking the Sabre S2 base plate straightness

Before you start

Before starting any work, check for other reasons why the blade may not be running in the base plate groove, by first using this document: Blade not running in the base plate groove on Sabre S2 >

If you still think you have an issue with base plate straightness, check that you have the following equipment:

  • A strong thin wire like nylon fishing line

1. Identify the cutting groove on the Sabre S2 base

The straightness of the base plate (A) is measured by using the cutting groove (C) behind the cutter bar (B).



2. Stretch cord along full length of base

Stretch a strong, thin cord above the centre of the groove over the full length of the base plate, as shown. Hold in place at either end.


3. Check the centre of the Sabre S2

At the centre of the Sabre S2 the cord should be:

  1. Within 2.5mm (7/64″) of the centre of the groove.
  2. Level with the top surface of the base plate.


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