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How to replace the squaring adjuster block assembly on the SteelTrak

To do this you will need the SteelTrak squaring arm adjuster assembly >

Tools required:

  • Allen (hex) key 5mm


What to do

  • If replacing, remove the squaring adjuster block by undoing the screw in the centre hole with a 5mm Allen (hex) key. NOTE:  Do not loosen the screws in either the top or bottom of the three holes.
  • Refit the new squaring adjuster block by firstly sliding the steel bar into the opening in the squaring arm, then rotate the black knob to align the heads of the two screws in the leg to fit the top and bottom holes in the adjuster block.
  • Insert the fixing screw in the central hole and tighten using the 5mm Allen (hex) key.

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