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How to replace the cable and end fixings to suit both old and new style SteelTrak 210

To do this you will need the SteelTrak 210cm pulley & cable service kit >

Tools required: 

  • Allen (hex) key 45 & 6mm 
  • 13mm spanner/wrench 
  • Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or lithium grease 


What to do  

NOTE:  Two people required and to dismount the SteelTrak from its wall fixing or floor stand and lay the machine on its back on the floor or suitable work surface.   

  • To remove the cutting head loosen the top and bottom handle bracket screws by four full turns using the 4mm Allen (hex) key.  Do not loosen the middle screw.  Loosen the two spring bar fixing screws by four full turns using the 5mm Allen (hex) key.  The cutting head should now come loose, try to move it off the tracks, if it will not release undo all four screws by another turn or two until it does. 

  • Release the cable from the rear of the cutting head plate using a 5mm Allen (hex) key. 

  • Remove the pulley block from the top of the machine by removing its fixing screw with a 5mm Allen (hex) key. 

  • Pull the pulley block away from the machine and retrieve the balance weight from within the rear main aluminium extrusion (the spine).  Note:  there are two methods of cable fixing to the balance weight, the older version is shown. 

  • Remove the two dome headed screws from the pulley block using the 6mm Allen (hex) key.  There are two spacer rings (B) between the underside of the cover plate (A) and the pulleys be careful they are not lost.  Note the orientation of the two pulleys.

  • Replace the cable and pulleys 
  • Dependant upon the cable fixing to the balance weight use a 13mm spanner/wrench or 5mm Allen (hex) key to change the cable over. 
  • Use the opportunity to clean and lubricate the balance weight white plastic runners with petroleum jelly or lithium grease (do not use any other grease) 
  • Slide the balance weight into the spine and reattach the pulley block with the 5mm Allen (hex) key. 

  • Check that the cable is not kinked or twisted, attach the end of the cable to the cutting head ensuring the spacer and washer are present, tighten with 4mm Allen (hex) key. 

  • Position the cutting head in place on the cutter bar and tighten the four Allen screws, lower the cutting head to the bottom of the cutter bar, the cable should go taught. 
  • Stand the SteelTrak up and attach safely to the wall or floor stand as before. 
  • Finally check the cutting head runs the full length of the machine and when the utility blade is engaged it is automatically released at the bottom of the machine. 

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