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How to finish the corner of aluminium composite board

Before you start 

Before starting any work, check that you have the following equipment:

  • A sharp blade or chisel

Please note: These instructions will only be relevant to certain board qualities and specifications

What causes a 'pip' in the corner of ACP board when cut on a SteelTrak

The clever design of the SteelTrak cutting wheels means the edge of a composite board is finished to a smooth edge as the head passes, however some boards leave a very small ‘pip’ in the corner at the end of the cut. This is caused by the board pushing itself apart when the wheels reach the bottom edge. This is a property of the board and is affected by a number of different things, including blade sharpness and board quality/specification. The weaker the core plastic, the more the board will push apart, rather than staying in place for the wheels to cut through it.

Remove the 'pip' easily

This ‘pip’ is quite easy to remove, by carefully slicing it off with a sharp blade or chisel. If the rolled edge is missing from the bottom few millimetres, it can be created by rolling a hard flat surface around the top edge of the board.


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