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How to replace the sliding cutting head for Flexo Plate Cutter

To do this you will need the Flexo Plate Cutter complete head assembly >

Tools required:

  • Posi screwdriver
  • Worn scouring pad
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Petroleum jelly (Vaseline)


What to do

  • Remove both blade cartridges.
  • Raise the cutter bar fully using the black handle.
  • Rotate the cutter bar to reveal two posi-screws fixing the small aluminium block to the cutter bar, supporting the cutter bar remove both screws.
  • Lower the cutter bar back onto the base, hold the cutter bar to the base plate and lift the black handle to free the block.
  • Lift the black handle just enough to clear the top of the cutter head, slide off both the end stop and the cutting head.
  • Use the opportunity to clean and lubricate the two guide bars. Using a worn scouring pad with a small amount of petroleum jelly rub the two guide bars to remove any debris and stains, wipe with a clean cloth and finally apply a very thin smear of petroleum jelly
  • Slide the new head onto the end of the cutter bar, the third track roller will need a firm push with the palm of your hand, hand protection is wise in case you slip.
  • Replace the end stop and refix the two posi-screws.

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