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How replace the red safety guard assembly and central magnetic boss on the Evolution E2, Sabre S2 & Javelin Integra

  • To remove the blade holder from the cutter rotate the red plastic guard to cover the exposed part of the blade.
  • Remove the blade holder from the cutting head and undo the knob to remove the blade clamp.

  • Carefully pinch the exposed portion of the red blade guard and slide it from the threaded shaft together with the blade and magnetic boss.

  • Separate the parts and dispose of the guard or/and magnetic boss if they are worn or damaged.
  • Carefully clean the blade with a dry cloth, check it is sharp and free of chips or damage.  If so, replace it and responsibly dispose of the old blade.
  • Clean the back and front face of the blade holder and reassemble the parts ensuring the magnetic boss is properly located on the blade.

  • Pinch the red blade guard as before and offer the magnetic boss over the threaded shaft, push the boss onto it using your thumb.
  • Replace the clamping plate and screw up the knob.  Before use check the blade clamping knob is tight enough to clamp the blade but not stop it rotating smoothly, this is best tested direct on the cutting mat.

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