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Keencut Essentials Training

Welcome to the Keencut essentials training resource.

Whether new to the Keencut family or an established Keencut dealer, these videos will help you build your product knowledge. The training programme divides into bite-size videos that you can watch in a few minutes. You will learn how to sell the world’s leading precision cutters and advise your customers on the best product choices.

So, if you are starting your Keencut journey or simply refreshing your product knowledge, just click the videos below.

Keencut essentials training series

This training resource provides the basic information and key selling points for our best-selling products.

1. Introduction

How to use the training videos to help your team successfully sell Keencut products....

2. Introducing the Evolution3™

An essential overview of the Evolution3™ explaining the different products in the range....

3. Unique selling points of the Evolution3™

A detailed look at the unique selling points of the Evolution3™ range.

4. Evolution3™ cutting demonstration

Learn how to cut three popular materials on the Evolution3™ range....

5. Introducing the SteelTrak

An essential introduction to Keencut's SteelTrak vertical cutter....

6. SteelTrak cutting and scoring demonstration

Learn how to cut Aluminum composite and foamboard, and score and snap acrylic....

7. Information and resources

Learn where to access all the Keencut training, sales, technical, and marketing resources....

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