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Clamp bar not fully closing or out of alignment

This procedure is suitable for both the SteelTrak and Excalibur 5000 clamps.

Before you start

Before starting any work, check the machine is firmly fixed to the wall or freestanding leg and that you have the following equipment:

  • Steel metal ruler

1. Follow these instructions to push clamp bar back into position

There are circumstances where the clamp bar can move vertically up and come from its internal guides. This will prevent the clamp bar closing parallel, or in some instances, not closing at all. This is easily rectified by pulling the clamp bar back down.

Position the clamp handle so the clamp is about halfway open and using a steel ruler, place it across the top end of the clamp bar and pull down. If this is the cause, the clamp bar will move down a centimetre or so and move back into alignment.

2. Check the clamp bar is back in position

Measure the gap between the bottom end of the clamp bar (A) you just moved and the top face of the steel strip (B) in the squaring arm. This should be approximately 13-14mm (9/16″ approximately).

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