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Evolution3™ Rocker tool head

Evolution3™ Rocker tool head


Two cutting actions

The Rocker tool head offers pulling to cut lighter weight materials and pushing for those that require more effort.

Occasional ACP cutting

For those who occasionally cut aluminium composite panels, such as Dibond or Alupanel, the Rocker head can be fitted with the Tech-D.012 blade. The cutting technique requires a series of careful strokes, and we advise that you watch our video guide to perfect your cutting action.

The blades are easily changed or replaced watch our video on how to change the blades in the Evolution3 Rocker head >

Attaches and detaches in seconds

As part of the Keencut QuikSwap tool head family, the Rocker tool head can be attached or detached from the cutter bar in seconds. Watch our video on how to place the Evolution3 Rocker head on the cutter bar > You can also mount multiple tool heads on the cutter bar simultaneously so you can quickly swap from one to another.

Durable steel bearing construction

Using steel bearings on a steel track, the Rocker tool head is extremely robust and comes with a five year guarantee. All machine components are manufactured in-house to ensure quality.

Other QuickSwap tool heads

QuikSwap tool heads offer ultimate flexibility.  Each tool is designed for a specific purpose, such as general cutting, creasing and fabric cutting.

Evolution3 Graphik tool head comes as standard and has two individual blade holders for two-way cutting. The blades are stronger and more stable than regular blades making the head ideal for vinyl, banner, cardboard, PVC foamboard, foam-centred board, corrugated plastic, paper, pop-up and roll-up materials. Discover Evolution3 Graphik tool head >

Evolution3 Fabric tool head is ideal for cutting fabric, paper, film, vinyl, banners and delicate materials. With the Evolution3 SmartFold integral polymer cutting strip there is no need for a separate cutting mat. Discover Evolution3 Fabric tool head >

Evolution3 Creaser tool head will crease in both directions and is ideal for stout paper, card, cardboard, and grey board. Discover Evolution3 Creaser tool head >


In the box

5 Tech-D .012 blades
5 Medium duty blades
2 Bevel blade cartridges