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Evolution3 range

The ultimate tool for a busy production environment

• Quick and easy to use - saves time and money

• Reliable and built to last with a 5-year warranty

• Lift-and-Hover* (patent pending) for fast, accurate cut alignment

• Future-proof and versatile QuikSwap tool heads

• Guaranteed ultra high precision 0.2mm accuracy

• Cuts PVC foamboard up to 13mm

Asset 613x

Available in 1.6m, 2.1m, 2.6m, 3.1m and 3.6m cut lengths. Please enquire about custom lengths up to 5.5m

*BenchTop and SmartFold

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Evolution3 range

Three models to choose from with a selection of tool heads


  • Portable version for flexible use


  • Fits on any flat bench

  • Lift-and-Hover alignment system


  • Fold-away under-bench storage

  • Lift-and-Hover alignment system

  • Integral cutting strip


Double Graphik tool head

  • Two-way cutting with two individual blade holders

  • Graphic blades are stronger and more stable than regular blades

  • Supplied as standard with every Evolution3

Ideal for vinyl, banner, cardboard, PVC foamboard up to 13mm, foam-centred board, corrugated plastic & paper, pop-up & roll-up materials

Fabric tool head

  • Spring-loaded cutting wheel

  • Adjustable pressure for reliable cutting

  • Cuts in both directions

Ideal for fabric, paper, film, vinyl, banners, delicate materials

Creaser tool head

  • Crease corrugated and plain card

  • A range of creaser wheels to suit different materials

Ideal for stout paper & card, cardboard, grey board

Quick and easy 

• Raise the clamp with minimal effort
• Lift-and-Hover* holds the cutter bar just above the media
• Anti-sag holds the cutter bar parallel to the surface of the media
• Sightline strip shows exactly where the cut will be made

Simple to use

• Intuitive - minimal training needed
• Lift-and-Hover* can be operated from either end
• Single person operation even with the largest sheet size

Saves time and money

• Better alignment means fewer mistakes and less waste
• Faster working for higher productivity

Reliable and built to last

• Designed and manufactured to Keencut's exacting standards of precision
• 5-year warranty

Fits any suitable bench

• For the Evolution-2 bench or any appropriate existing bench


*On BenchTop and SmartFold




Smartfold dimensions



 SF dims2


BT dims


FH dims


“The Evolution3 allows us to increase throughput. We complete more work and as such it has a direct and positive impact on our business. It’s very, very simple to use and it makes a massive difference to our productivity. I would estimate that it saves us about 10% of production time. The new Lift-and-Hover technology saves us a lot of time. Once the clamp is fully down there is no movement at any point. You do not need to hold onto the handle so you have both hands free to work. The plastic sightline strip is really important, especially when cutting longer pieces of material. You can clearly see the crop marks through the strip so you can very quickly and accurately align the material ready for cutting.”    

JDP3      JDP1

 John Walliker of JDP Solutions 


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To order accessories or blades please contact your Keencut dealer or email

Graphik blades                                                                   

  • To order blades for the standard Double Graphik tool head quote product code: CA50-032

Cutting wheels

  • To order cutting wheels for the Fabric tool head quote product code: CIR45

Evolution-2 bench

  • Designed specifically for all sizes of Evolution3 and Evolution-E2
  • Strong and rigid even under heavy loads
  • Fast and easy construction
  • The Evolution-2 bench incorporates the Keencut PROTEUS framework system
  • The Evolution-2 bench comes complete with framework and aluminium base for quick and easy mounting of the Evolution3 or Evolution-E2
  • Extension Kits are available for extra wide benches
  • To order the Evolution-2 bench quote product codes EB160-EB360 depending on length required

Additional QuikSwap tool heads

  • All Evolution3 cutters are delivered with the Double Graphik tool head as standard
  • Extra Double Graphik heads are available. Quote product code E3T-GR2
  • To order the Fabric tool head please quote product code: E3T-FAB
  • To order the Creaser tool head please quote product code: E3T-CIR


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Evolution E2 Bench

Designed specifically for all sizes of Evolution E2. Incorporates the Keencut PROTEUS framework system. Strong and rigid even under heavy load. Fast easy construction. Extension kit options.

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Heavy Duty Vertical Cutter for Signmakers & Printers-Up to 2.5m cut length-For DiBond, PVC Foamboard, Acrylic & more-Zero debris-Superb build quality & low maintenance-Easy operation under heavy load

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Multi-Purpose Cutting Benches

Constructed from the Keencut Proteus all-alloy beam and leg system the unique locking system provides strength and rigidity for the safe support of even heavy pieces of equipment. Tops not provided.

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Sabre Series 2

Baseboard mounted General Purpose Cutter - Lightweight & versatile - Cut lengths up to 3m - Comes as standard with 3 blade cartridges suitable for cutting a wide range of flexible & rigid materials