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Who we are

Keencut is a unique company incorporated in 1982 dedicated exclusively to the design and manufacture of manual cutting machines and ancillary equipment. Starting with a brand new generation of precision engineered all-metal cutting machines for Picture Framers the Company now produces specialist cutting machines for Sign Makers and Wide Format Printers. Standard and special versions of Keencut machines are increasingly providing valuable service in many different industries and professions including Education, Print, Packaging, Flexographic Printing, Plastic and Rubber manufacturing and converting, Textiles and Graphic Arts.

Our Principles

  • Customers have a right to expect machines that are skilfully designed and built to perform better and last longer than any similar product or system currently available. 
  • Customers have a right to expect that all features and accessories required to execute all of the wide range of tasks for which the machine will normally be used should be included as standard equipment.
  • Customers have a right to expect that every machine be tested and checked before packing and despatch.
  • Customers have a right to expect a substantial warranty that expresses the confidence of the manufacturer in the quality of its products. 
  • Customers have a right to expect that a manufacturer will, wherever possible, design machines that use standard, widely available blades in order to ensure continuous production in even the most remote location where the machines are installed. 

What we do

A continuous design and development programme has characterised Company operations for over 30 years and the innovative use of materials and inventive expertise of Keencut engineers have set the high standards by which all cutting machines are judged. Close cooperation with Keencut users and distributors enables the Company to identify and react quickly to changes, anticipate new applications and keep pace with new materials and operational developments

Keencut utilises advanced modern computer controlled machine tools to manufacture every product specific component in-house which ensures and maintains total control of quality with the vital flexibility to quickly enhance and upgrade components and production as demand and specifications change.

Materials and components are checked for straightness and cutter bars with the unique Keencut straightness guarantee of 1:15000 are adjusted using a laser beam. Individual linear sections are selected for accuracy using dedicated high precision testing rigs. All components that do not comply with the strict and very exacting limits are rejected.

Experienced technicians conduct quality checks both visually and with instruments at every stage of manufacture up to final testing. All production staff members and supervisors are empowered to stop production if a defect or flaw is suspected.

Keencut equipment is designed and built to increase the efficiency and productivity of every business in which it is used and provide many years of trouble-free service. All Keencut machinery is covered by a 5 year comprehensive guarantee plus a 20 year replacement guarantee covering all bearings and slides. 

How we do it

The extensive range of equipment from Cutter Bars and Mat Cutters to Rotary Cutters and Vertical Cutters almost certainly offers a solution to difficult and demanding cutting operations in not just the principal industries the Company serves. 

Manufactured exclusively at the Keencut factory in Corby Northamptonshire the current extensive product range is the result of constant development and upgrades for over 30 years. The new products and increased volumes have been matched by substantial investments in more advanced and faster CNC machine tools. New metal processing equipment has increased capacity in all stages of manufacturing. Increased efficiency has enabled prices to be maintained in recent years while the upgraded products and features represent ever better value for money than ever before. Specification of only the best quality materials sourced in Britain and Western Europe is a key element in the high quality and durability of Keencut products and completes the unbroken element of commitment to quality that extends from our suppliers through to our customers and the users of Keencut machines.


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