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SteelTrak 165 and 210 Installation Manual – Calibration

The vertical measuring scale measures the height of the board on the machine and is only used for reference. It is supplied separate from the machine, the two horizontal squaring arm scales are already attached to the machine but may not be positioned accurately and will need calibrating.

Take a small piece of board and accurately measure its’ height, place the board in the machine such that it lays over the groove where the scale is to be applied.

With a pencil, mark a fine line level with the top edge of the board adjacent to the groove.

Remove the release paper from the groove in the Main Body and stick the Vertical scale in place such that the pencil mark lines up with the measured dimension in (1).

The two horizontal squaring arm scales are already attached to the machine but may not be positioned accurately and will need calibrating.

The SteelTrak can be loaded from either side and the scales are used by eye or using the stops to measure the required width of board that will be cut off to the left or right of the cut line. the cutting blade, twin wheels and scoring tools cut on the same line. the measuring scales are fixed to sliding stainless steel strips that can be moved to allow accurate calibration.

Slide the two Measuring Stops onto the Squaring Arm being careful to align the profile of the stop and its locking bar to the profile of the Squaring Arm. The Measuring Stops are able to ‘flip’ in and out as required.

Set both stops at 15cm (6″), ‘flip’ one of the stops into place and the other out, then place a piece of card in the machine and slide it to touch the stop that is flipped in. Clamp the card in place select the cutting blade on the rotating cutter head and cut the card.

Measure the cut width of the card, say it is 14.7cm (5 7/8″), slide the Measuring Scale so that it reads the dimension measured i.e. 14.7cm (5 7/8″). Repeat the process with the other Measuring Stop.

NOTE: If the scales move too freely it is simple to increase the friction. To avoid resetting the scales first choose any easily remembered dimension and set the stop. Slide the scale from its groove, twist it and replace it to the remembered dimension.
NOTE: The Sightline Strip is fitted to your machine but may wear or get marked with use. A spare strip is included with the machine, replacement strips are available from your distributor

The Sight-line strip is fixed to the clamp and then trimmed using the cutting blade to give an accurate guide when cutting to trim lines, the edge of an image or pencil marks.
NOTE: Do not engage the Twin Wheel Cutter until reading its instructions for use in the SteelTrak User Guide >. Engaging the Twin Wheel Cutter interferes with the Sight-line Strip and can cause damage to it. A gap is left in the Sight-line Strip at a convenient height to enable the Twin Wheel Cutter to be engaged

Remove the worn Sight-line Strip by peeling it off and clean any surplus adhesive with solvent cleaner on a cloth. Remove the backing paper and starting at the bottom press the Strip firmly in the channel provided working upwards and cut off at a convenient height. Leave a gap of 18cm (7”) and then fit the remainder of the strip. For the 210 version one full length Strip and one cut in half will be required.

Place a piece of firm board up to 6mm (1/4″) thick on the machine to bridge the gap running down the back of the Main Body, this needs to be the full height of the clamp.

Place a piece of card or foamboard 3-6mm (1/8″-1/4″) thick under the full length of the flexible part of the Sight-line strip, not under the aluminium clamp itself. Depress the clamp handle so that the Sight-line strip is pressed flat across the surface of the board.

Keep fingers clear and using a block or tool hold down the top left corner of the strip to start the cut. With the turret rachet disengaged (Scoring page 6) press the blade lightly on to the surface of the Sight-line strip score along the full length. Repeat and trim the Sight-line strip in 2 or 3 cuts

NOTE: If a board is not available to go the full length of the clamp use two or more pieces or trim the strip in stages.