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FSA - Futura Flexo Squaring Arm

Ideal for accurately sizing and squaring rigid boards

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FCF - Futura Cutting Fence

Provides a guide to cut up against when production cutting boards down

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SUP60 - 2 x support arms, 60cm long

Adds support to either left or right side of machine. Prevents sag when cutting large boards

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FLH - Roller Lift & Hold for Futura Flexo

Reduces fatigue and makes all-day operation a pleasure

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CA50-017 - Keencut Tech D .012 Blade - 100PK

Rectangular, Double-sided Mount Cutter blade. Ideal for standard Picture Framing applications when used with the Ultimat Gold & Ultimat Futura. Suitable for cutting Flexo Graphic Plates with the Futura Flexo

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CA50-021 - Keencut Tech S .012 Blade - 100PK

Keencut Tech S .012 Single-sided Rectangular Mount Cutter blade. For Bevel cutting white core & conservation mat board up to 3mm

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CA50-019 - Medium Duty Blades - 100PK

For General Purpose applications-Used in the majority of Keencut Cutters - Made in Sheffield, UK

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SBPACK - Sample Blade Pack

Pack includes a combination of 7 different types of blades to test with various materials and applications

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FBC - Futura Bevel Blade Cartridge

Additional bevel blade cartridge for Futura Flexo & Ultimat Futura

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FVC - Futura Vertical Blade Cartridge

Additional vertical blade cartridge for Futura Flexo & Ultimat Futura

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