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Product Comparison Charts

LET US HELP YOU....Choose the Perfect Cutter  

Selecting the right cutter can be a daunting task so Keencut have introduced a number of selection tools to make it easier.  


STEP 1- Please consider the following questions:

A) What do you need to cut?  Rigid, flexible or a combination of both?

  • Flexible material?
    • What types of material?
    • Thickness of material?
    • Level of accuracy required? High precision Pop-up Displays or Posters and Roll-up Banners?
    • Maximum cut length?
    • Do you have a suitable existing bench or are you looking for a new purpose built bench? 
    • Do you want to create a dedicated cutting and finishing station or must the unit be portable? 
  • Rigid Material?
    • What types of material?
    • Size of sheets?
    • Thickness of material?
    • Wall mounted or free-standing?
    • Do you have specialist applications like cutting v-grooves out of DiBond or PVC Foamboard, scoring acrylic etc?

B) Are there any future cutting needs to consider? Other applications, expanding into larger premises, etc?

C) Other specialist needs? Mount cutting, bevel cutting flexographic plates, cutting glass, hot cutting synthetic fabrics? 


STEP 2- Use the ‘All Products’ Comparison Chart to view complete Keencut range side-by-side to help identify the cutter or cutters which best suit your applications. 


STEP 3 - Identified which range of cutters suit your needs?

Further narrow your search by comparing products within a specific range using one of the following comparison charts:




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