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As signmakers stretch the boundaries of design the dynamics of the industry continue to evolve as new materials and more complex and versatile machines meet the twin challenges of creativity and efficiency.  Effective use of time and expensive resources is a constant stress in any business and nowhere is that more important than in Sign Making, where traditional crafts are transforming into modern manufacturing operations.

Towards the end of the 20th century Keencut recognised an increased demand for its Picture Framing range of products to cut the materials used in making signs. It was then that the dedicated development programme to produce industry specific products commenced, and now Keencut Cutting Machines are used by signmakers in over 80 countries.

Keencut manual cutters replace or complement alternative means of cutting and v-grooving in every size of sign business. By removing the special skills and uncertain results that accompany the use of hand tools, and by eliminating the time and effort involved removing the burrs and contamination caused by saws, Keencut equipment can be used at the point of need with speed, superb accuracy and the confidence that the job will be right first time.   

The Keencut SteelTrak and Evolution E2 are just two of the new and innovative cutting machines for Sign Makers which ensure the cutting operation is a smooth, clean and accurate procedure that matches the output and finished quality of the modern production process.

As a specialist inventor and manufacturer of cutting machines for over 30 years Keencut is dedicated to manufacturing the best in build quality and outstanding reliability. The manufacturer’s confidence is reflected in the unique Keencut 5 year factory guarantee in order to give the same confidence to the owners and operators of Keencut equipment. 


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