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Picture Framing

The picture framing profession is driven by a very diverse range of people with diverse backgrounds and ambitions but with two consistent attributes, creativity and individualism. It is the individuality and diversity of the picture framing industry which demands that effective cutting machines must process all materials with consistent accuracy and be versatile enough to perform both individual and repeat tasks with equal speed and reliability.

Keencut Ltd was incorporated in 1982 to produce the brand new generation of precision engineered all-metal cutting machines that the industry needed. The new machines were designed to enable picture framers to produce world class work applying their skills to the creativity of the work without the limitations imposed by primitive equipment. Inspired by the founder’s background in aircraft engineering the range of Keencut machines were made for the first time using the precision of extruded aluminium and steel throughout with all precision stops and gauges included as standard equipment for bespoke and production work.  

The 5 year factory guarantee covering materials and manufacturing reflects the Company’s confidence in the design and build quality and was another Company initiative. The guarantee is still a unique feature of all Keencut products today even as the machines have evolved through 5 generations to meet the changing demands of the market and materials. Every important component is manufactured in-house with close quality control and reliability as the first priority and it is that dedication that inspires the confidence of users worldwide who rely on Keencut machines to run a profitable business.  


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