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The History Of Keencut

Keencut was incorporated in 1982 to exploit the Founder’s invention of a new type of oval/circle cutter for Picture Framers. The rapid adoption of the new product led to the early addition of a completely new design of straight-line mount-cutters. The pioneering use of aluminium extrusions and engineering principles to the build quality of equipment for Picture Framers transformed the industry. Within a few years Keencut was the World leading designer and manufacturer with exports to over 50 countries and, more than 30 years on, many of the original Keencut machines are still in use today.


In 1987 the range was expanded to include a new vertical cutter which incorporated the Twin Wheel Cutter invented by Keencut for cutting particle board and heavy cardboard in addition to glass, plastics and many different materials. The new machine was adopted by Sign Makers increasingly in the mid 90’s. However, the growing use of composites up to 4mm thick and a new demand for long accurate cutters for material up to 5 metres long inspired the design and manufacture of a new range of specialist cutting machines for Sign Makers and Wide Format Printers. 


The current range of third, fourth and fifth generation machines continue to earn the loyalty of Keencut users with 80% of production exported to all corners of the World. Standard and special versions of Keencut machines perform valuable service in many different industries and professions including Education, Print, Packaging, Flexographic Printing, Plastic and Rubber manufacturing and converting, Textiles and Graphic Arts.  


A continuous design and development programme has characterised Company operations for over 30 years. The innovative use of materials and inventive expertise of Keencut engineers supported by extreme quality control and long term guarantees have set the very high standards that have never been equalled. Close cooperation with Keencut users and distributors enables the company to identify and react quickly to changes, anticipate new applications and keep pace with new materials and operational developments. The Keencut factory has always incorporated the latest in advanced modern computer controlled machine tools to manufacture every product specific component in-house to ensure and maintain total control of quality with the vital flexibility to quickly enhance and upgrade components and production as demand and specifications change. 


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