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Sign Cutting gets a Dusty Response

Eintrag von am 25 February 2015

Dustless cutting of Dibond, PVC Foamboard and other commonly used rigid sign making materials is a major challenge for many print shops. The production of dust around sensitive printing equipment not only risks damaging print heads but also, and very importantly, can null and void machinery guarantees and warranties.

So what solutions are available?

For owners of mechanical saws, it is necessary to house cutting equipment in a separate, well ventilated room but with space at a premium this is not always practical. Another solution is to get board suppliers to cut the material down to size before delivery but then the dilemma remains as to how to convert the off-cuts into usable sizes. One final solution, one many signmakers and printers will have resorted to in the early start-up days, is to employ the services of a hand-held knife and straight-edge. The obvious drawbacks of this method is safety, time and quality of output.

The efficient use of space, materials and staff is essential for any business but it’s especially vital in Today’s highly competitive world of Digital Print and Sign Making.

Understanding the need for an efficient yet safe working environment, Keencut design all cutting machinery to not only be simple to operate but dust, debris and noise free so both cutting and printing equipment can be housed in the same workshop. All Keencut equipment is manually operated and with the use of unique bearing and clamping systems are safer and more efficient than hand-held tools and offer a clean, dust-free alternative to motorised, high cost saws.

Keencut cutters: Zero dust and noise, reduced fatigue, no special operator training, no dedicated work area, reduced capital outlay….and warranties and guarantees safeguarded. Like the sound of that? Want to know more? Visit to find your perfect, dust-free cutting solution.

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