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New hot knife holder for fabrics

Eintrag von am 24 March 2014

Exciting New Product for Hot Knife Users

close up of hot knife

How are you currently cutting a straight edge with your hot knife? Are you trying to manage a rule and your hot knife tool with hit and miss results?

Get a perfect straight line cut in the same location, every time. Our new Hot knife attachment fixes your hot knife firmly to our cutter bars (Sabre series 2, Javelin Integra, Evolution or Evolution E2) so you have a safe, quick and accurate way to cut and seal your textile graphic.

The hot knife attachment will enable every sign and graphic business to process today’s high demand textile graphics.

Primarily it is all about safety, speed and accuracy.

Safety – Your hot knife gets hot, very hot! Once fixed in the hot knife attachment, the heating mechanism is only activated by depressing the spring loaded trigger while cutting. As soon as you release it, the heating element will automatically turn off.

Accuracy – Your fabric is always clamped in place by the weight of the machine and special silicone strips that are found on the underneath of the cutter bar. The heated blades of the electric hot knife will quickly cut approx 3mm from the bar every time.

Speed – Eliminate the time associated with cumbersome hand cutting and final trimming of frayed or unravelled edges. One quick cut and you are done!

Should you already own a Keencut Sabre series 2, Javelin Integra or Evolution you can simply buy the hot knife attachment. We sell two types, one for the HGSM model and one for the AZ Hot model (Please note we don’t stock the hot knives at Keencut, these can be purchased online).

Alternatively you can purchase our SABRE HotCut System:


Simply select the size of SABRE HotCut (90, 190 or 290cms) you require. This comes complete with integral baseplate, cutting track and silicone tape for a heat resistant surface. When installed we recommend replacing the cutting surface with locally sourced 1/4″ toughened glass for a long term heat resistant surface. Hot Knives operate most efficiently on tempered glass surfaces, which do not absorb heat (unlike wood and metal surfaces), ensuring maximum blade heat for the most accurate cuts.

Then you need to select one of the two Hot Knife holders (to suit either the HGSM or AZ Hot Knife models).

Interested? Get in touch with KEENCUT via the contact form below and we can refer you to a local distributor.