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Eintrag von am 14 May 2015

Cutting flexo plates by hand and drum mounting causing major headaches? 

With cutting and mounting plates for continuous printing comes myriad challenges but champion among challenges is the dreaded seam. You’ve got a continuous print job so have decided to abandon the use of regular plates as they can cause a visible seam where the plate edges butt up to each other in favour of a cylinder mounted printing plate….Good choice…. ….but what if you don’t have the time or budget to be using outsourced laser engraved rubber print sleeves or rollers? Just cut and mount the plates yourself, in-house….simple…but is it? Anyone who has dared to perform this task knows it’s anything but…and as the title states, this is not a job for wimps!!

Challenges include:

  • Maintaining a consistent blade depth and angle
  • Finding a good surface to cut onto
  • Cutting in a straight-line
  • Not removing too much or too little material
  • All whilst trying to avoid lacerations and using up all the plasters…or Band-Aids for our US friends…
  • ….throw in a bit of distraction from your colleagues and all could easily be lost… 


This is where the Keencut Futura Flexo comes in:  

Futura horizontal


A manual cutter offering:

  • Bevel and vertical cutting angles all on one head
  • Full length slideway for the ergonomic cutting head to effortlessly slide up and down
  • Flat, hard-wearing anodised aluminium cutting base with a grippy surface
  • Bevel blade holder with a cutting depth up to 5mm
  • Vertical blade holder with a cutting depth up to 10mm
  • Available in cut lengths up to 2.18m (86″)
  • Fully portable unit
  • Comes fully functioning but there are a number of specialist accessories available to fine tune the machine to specific needs

flexo plate cutting


Want to know more?

Contact Keencut to discuss the advantages the Keencut Futura could bring to your workshop and workflow.  


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