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Keencut launch bevel cutter

Eintrag von am 26 May 2014

Keencut Launch Bevel Cutting Multi Purpose Cutter

Introducing the all new FUTURA FLEXO….not your average General Purpose Cutter.

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  • Flexographic Printing Plates
  • Floor Graphics
  • Carton for Modelling & Experimental Design
  • Corrugated Card
  • Mount Board
  • Foam-centred Boards
  • Printed canvas
  • Film
  • and much more……


  • Cutting head mounted on roller bearings, running on steel tracks for smooth, precise cutting
  • Self-aligning bearings designed to never need adjustment
  • 4mm bevel cutting depth
  • 6mm vertical cutting depth
  • Ergonomically designed to be suitable for left or right-handed users
  • Easy to change blade cartridges
  • Spring loaded blade holders safely retract when not in use
  • Available in 4 cut lengths: 81cm, 127cm, 163cm & 218cm
  • Optional accessories available for added versatility
  • 5 Year Guarantee


  • CODE: FLEX100  SIZE: 101CM – 40”
  • CODE: FLEX120  SIZE: 122CM – 48”
  • CODE: FLEX150  SIZE: 157CM – 64”
  • CODE: FLEX218  SIZE: 218CM – 86”

For General Purpose Cutting:

Ideal for both general purpose cutting and for specialist tasks like cutting and trimming flexo plate, floor graphics or other materials that require a bevelled cut. The Futura Flexo features an all new cutting head with built-in self aligning ball bearing rollers, operating on twin steel tracks which deliver a sliding action that is smooth, effortless, precise and designed to not require any adjustment for the life of the machine. Built to last and operate without flex, side play or blade deflection the Flexo incorporates both bevel and vertical blade holders that are spring loaded and retracted when not in use. Making the Futura Flexo the most versatile cutter for very specific and multi-purpose applications.

For Specialist Flexographic Plate Cutting:

The Futura Flexo has been developed for the cutting of extremely precise bevelled cuts that are essential for accurate cutting of flexo printing plates. This will enable the least experienced operator to cut superb close fitting joints with an almost seamless result. The savings in time and resources made possible by the elimination of mistakes and secure trouble-free fitting of the printing plates will make the Flexo Futura a serious contributor to the efficiency and bottom line of every printing business.

Optional clip-on accessories are available that make the Futura Flexo even more versatile and multifunctional. An adjustable cutting fence facilitates accurate repeat cutting from 0-75cm wide, perfect for cutting parallel strips. Extension arms allow bigger materials to be laid flat on the base and cut without distortion. A squaring arm provides a precise 90 degree angle and the integral calibrated stop enables the cut size to be pre-set for accurate, square and repeat cutting.


  • 2 x Support Arms, 60cm Long
  • Cutting Fence Attachment
  • Squaring Arm
  • Roller Lift & Hold

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