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BigBench for Javelin Series 2

Keencut BIG BENCH is constructed from strong, anodised aluminium extrusions, creating a solid and precise cutting table and workstation. Keencut Big Bench features include concealed corner fixings, built in cutting base plate and a subsurface integral Lift & Hold System, making it a stylish and practical addition to any workshop where precision cutting is essential.

Keencut Big Bench is available in lengths compatible with all sizes of Keencut Javelin Series 2 and will also fit the discontinued Javelin Xtra.

The unique Big Bench assembly system is both strong and secure; making Big Bench durable and hardwearing. Big Bench also features a Base Plate Levelling System to provide extreme flatness, consistent clamping and cutting accuracy. Keencut Big Bench and the co-ordinating Keencut Proteus Modular Units provide unlimited fixture applications, adaptable for any workshop.


PLEASE NOTE: Worktop not included: To find out what size of worktop you need, please check the 'Dimensions' tab below.

BigBench for Javelin Series 2

Outstanding Features:

Big Bench - THE PERFECT COMPANION FOR THE Javelin Series 2 and Javelin Xtra Cutter Bar

Rigid Aluminium Frame & Integrated Baseplate

  • Aluminium base-plate with integrated cutting groove
  • Full-length grip strip for clamping

Integral Lift & Hold Units

  • Pair of Lift & Holds fitted as standard
  • Lift & hold levers allow a single operator to quickly feed, align and cut materials with ease
  • Position or remove Javelin Series 2 in seconds without using a single tool


Produced using the Keencut PROTEUS framework system

  • Strong compatible leg & beam extrusions
  • Unique assembly technique provides a secure and rigid work bench
  • Designed for ease of assembly
  • Concealed internal fixings
  • Fully customisable
  • High grade anodising for clean good looks and lifetime durability
  • Assembly tools included  

Adjustable Feet

  • Adjustable for precise bench levelling on uneven floors
  • Maintain flatness to obtain maximum, uncompromised accuracy

Work-top fixing brackets

  • Any bench or table unit can be fitted with a glass top; requires the optional white silicone cord and leg end caps

Unique joint Locking system 

    • When tightened, the conical fixing screws create their own indent in the twin web of the leg or beam for double safety under heavy load.
    • Strong leg and beam extrusions allow for many different configurations in size and shape
    • Internal locking brackets enhance the smooth appearance and allow for solid panels to be fitted without obstruction.
    • Machined from High Grade aluminium alloy.

BB Dims Chart


PLEASE NOTE: Worktop not included






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