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Keencut STEELTRAK has been designed and built by Keencut engineers to enable sign makers to easily meet the challenge of processing increasingly complex materials used in the modern sign industry. Cutting without noise or airborne debris the SteelTraK can be installed at any point in the production process without compromising valuable artwork or equipment.

Building on the huge success of the all-purpose Keencut Excalibur, and recognising the increasing demands of thicker, tougher sign materials, the SteelTraK is strong, versatile, safe and easy to use. Virtually maintenance free and built to last almost indefinitely in the toughest working conditions the SteelTraK is now a piece of essential equipment in sign making workshops in over 70 countries world-wide.

The SteelTraK 250. With an impressive cutting capacity of 250cm (8ft) operators can cut full-sized panels with ease and with three model sizes 165cm, 210cm and 250cm (65”, 82” and 96”) there is now a SteelTraK to suit almost every signmaking operation. 

LATEST ADDITION TO THE STEELTRAK RANGE: The SteelTraK 250. With an impressive cutting capacity of 2.5m (8ft) users can cut full-sized panels with ease.

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Outstanding Features:

SteelTraK - robust, reliable, easy to use - incomparable


Turn & Lock Ready Mounted Tools

  • Ready mounted for instant action
  • Accepts standard utility blades for general purpose cutting

All Blades Cut on Same Line

  • One stop setting - One measurement - One cutline cursor - No special operator training - No laser shake - Less fatigue - No wasted panels - No mistakes

Low Friction Ball Bearings on a Steel Track for Ultra-Smooth Operation

  • Pre-lubricated ball bearings on steel slide tracks for precision, low friction and years of trouble-free life without adjustment
  • 20 year replacement guarantee on all sliding bearings

Future Proof & Easy to Use

  • Designed with the future in mind the Keencut SteelTraK enables the selected cutting tools to be fitted and removed in seconds from the unique multi-function counterbalanced sliding carriage with a single finger screw
  • All new tool developments fit onto existing SteelTraKs



Telescopic Legs

  • Featuring Telescopic legs, the SteelTraK is adjustable for height & minimum fatigue 

Perma-Lock Squaring

  • Precise screw adjusted perma-lock squaring for accurately cut panels every time

Universal 4 Tool Cutting Head with Auto Blade Disengagement

  • Blade automatically and safely disengages at the end of cut

Tools include:

  • Straightline board cutting for general purpose cutting up to 13mm
  • Acrylic scoring for cast Acrylic and Plexiglas up to 6mm
  • Glass cutting (when used with optional glass cutting kit) for specialist applications up to 6mm
  • Aluminium Composite Cutting (DiBond) up to 4mm

Full length Extra-Grip Clamping System

  • Engage simply using the Clamp Handle
  • Grips material firmly but pre-printed surfaces are protected by the non-marking silicon rubber grip cords

Transparent Cutline Cursor

  • Easy to check where the cut line is using the transparent cursor
  • Renewable - fixed - ultra precise - no laser shake - no doubt and no wasted panels
  • All tools cut along the same line

Quick Set Production Stops

  • Fitted as standard with a pair of left & right Quick Set Production Stops for fast and accurate one-off and production cutting
  • For added convenience, additional production stops are available as an optional accessory

Available in Three Cutting Lengths: 

  • SteelTraK ST165 (165cm - 65")
  • SteelTraK ST210 (210cm - 82")
  • SteelTraK ST250 (250cm - 96")

Twin Wheel Cutting Head - Noiseless & dust-free

  • Heavy duty steel composite twin wheel cutting head. Keencut invention 1983
  • Twin Wheels cut DiBond™ in a single clean pass

SteelTraK Squaring Arm Extension

  • Optional Accessory for All Models of SteelTraK
  • Extends Left Side of SteelTraK Squaring Arm by 700mm
  • Ideal for providing extra support to large boards
  • Comes complete with all fixings
  • Product Code: STSAE

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Standard Features & Performance

  • Integral counterbalance - total convenience - no shock - less fatigue - easy loading
  • Extruded back beams - firm support for large & small sheets
  • Full length extra grip clamping system
  • Heavy duty steel composite twin wheel cutting head. Keencut invention 1983
  • Twin Wheels cut DiBond™ in a single clean pass
  • Precise horizontal & vertical scales (Imperial & Metric)
  • Wall mounted as standard but with a free-standing option
  • Twin Production Stops
  • Accepts standard utility blades for the majority of applications
  • 3 Standard Turn & Lock ready mounted tools for instant action: A cutting blade, scoring blade and twin wheel composite cutting blades. A glass cutting tool can be added to increase to 4 Turn & Lock Tools.
  • Accepts bolt-on accessories; suitable for existing & future innovations
  • Precise screw adjusted perma-lock squaring.  Accurately cut panels every time
  • Rotating Tool Turret for instant tool change
  • Transparent cutline cursor - renewable - fixed - ultra precise - no laser shake - no doubt and no wasted panels
  • Hinge-out slide track for access and maintenance
  • Pre-lubricated ball bearings on steel tracks for precision, low friction & trouble-free life without adjustment

Ease of Operation & Safety

  • Total dust free operation - safe to use near printers and plotters
  • Pre-lubricated, low friction ball bearings on a steel track for ultra-smooth operation
  • Automatic blade disengagement at the end of cut - blade safely retracts
  • All blades cut on the same line. One production stop setting - One measurement - One cutline - No special operator training
  • Telescopic legs adjust for height & minimum fatigue

Guarantees & Construction

  • 100% manufactured by Keencut Technicians in England
  • Super grade anodising for lifetime good looks and function
  • Designed specifically for the design & display industries
  • 5 year comprehensive guarantee
  • 20 year replacement guarantee on all slide bearings

Materials the SteelTraK will cut

  • Cast Acrylic ≤ 6mm
  • Plexiglas ≤ 6mm
  • Aluminium Composite (DiBond) ≤ 4mm
  • V-grooves DiBond ≤ 6mm with Optional SteelTraK V-groover
  • MDF ≤ 3mm
  • Glass  ≤ 6mm with optional Glass Cutting Kit
  • Cardboard  ≤ 13mm
  • Conservation Board ≤ 13mm
  • Foam Centred Board  ≤ 13mm
  • Flexible Polycarbonate  ≤ 3mm
  • Mountboard  ≤ 13mm
  • Polystyrene  ≤ 13mm
  • Aluminium Sheet ≤ 1mm with optional STALC
  • PVC Foamboard (Forex) ≤ 13mm, and more………

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From: Bruce Lee of: Still Creek Press

We chose the SteelTrak because it was the best machine for quick cuts and fine finishing. It is very light in use and, I must say, it feels like cutting butter when going through tough materials. It's a great product! 

 From: Gary Nelson of: Rand-Whitney

We purchased both a SteelTrak and an Evolution E2 from Foster (Keencut’s main US distributor) several years ago. We use both machines primarily to cut corrugated and light weight signage materials either for pre-cutting (before printing) or post cutting (final trimming). We were drawn to these products based on their quality compared to others available in the market place and are very satisfied with the products mainly because they are very easy to use. In addition, they are a safe alternative which protects employees from unnecessary risks associated with hand cutting of print media. Worker safety is a major objective in our company and these products support this well. 

From: Colin Short of: Humphrey Signs

'We are very satisfied with the SteelTrack cutter. It is of sturdy construction and wasn't too taxing to assemble. It has allowed us to make use of our off-cuts of Dibond which is a big saving and also cuts down on waste. It is also a very quick method of cutting sign materials such as Dibond and Foamex. It is one of those pieces of equipment that, once you have one, you say, "how did we manage before we had this".' 


From: Cornelis Brunott of: Editions Brunott

'Right from the day I started using my KEENCUT SteelTraK 210cm, I am so satisfied with this piece of equipment that I often said to myself, do let KeenCut know. But as with so many things, we all are very quick in complaining and forget to compliment, but not this time, the KEENCUT SteelTraK 210cm is a fantastique tool, best regards, Cornelis Brunott.'


Cornelis Brunott, Editions Brunott

Coin-dessus 17, CH 2863 Undervelier

tél. 079 541 87 19


From: Amin Suleman Nathoo,President of: Topknotch Prep & Print Ltd

"The best piece of equipment we have ever bought with a ROI of less than 6 months." Topknotch Prep & Print Ltd

Amin Suleman Nathoo,President
Topknotch Prep & Print Ltd
855 Matheson Blvd E #6
Mississauga, Ontario, L4W4L6
Tel: 905-624-5100





From: Jonathan Bauer, Digital & Screen Print Production Manager   Of: Voss Signs, LLC, Manlius, NY

"The addition of Keencut products to our one-stop digital and screen printing shop has made a huge impact. The SteelTraK is easy-to-use and cuts signs perfectly every time. Its wall-mounted option saves us space as well. We started with an Excalibur, later adding the SteelTraK to our production line, making us that much more efficient."

Jonathan Bauer, Digital & Screen Print Production Manager  Voss Signs
Voss Signs, LLC, Manlius, NY
112 Fairgrounds Drive
PO Box 553
Manlius, NY 13104
Toll Free: 800.473.0698
Phone: (315) 682-5943
Fax: (315) 682-7335





SteelTraK: Accessories Explained

The SteelTraK is a highly versatile machine accepting a range of accessories for more specialist applications



  • Each SteelTraK is supplied as standard with a complete box of 100
  • Double ground edge
  • Reversible
  • Made in Sheffield, England
  • Product Code: CA50-019


V-Groove Tool

  • Fast, simple and economical way to construct sign trays, self-standing displays, exhibition stands and boxes
  • Fits directly to SteelTraK cutting head in seconds
  • Use on printed or unprinted aluminium composite and PVC foamboard without debris or rough, burred edges
  • Cuts smoothly and silently without electrical power
  • Available for thicknesses of 2mm-6mm Aluminium Composite and PVC foamboard
  • Keencut designed and patented
  • Fold with just hand pressure
  • Use on all SteelTraK sizes and models
  • Product Codes: STVG2 (2mm), STVG3 (3mm), STVG4 (4mm), STVG5 (5mm) & STVG6 (6mm)
  • For more information CLICK HERE


Replacement Blades for V-Groove Attachment

  • Fits onto STVG2-STVG6 V-groove attachments - One size blade fits all V-Groove Attachments
  • Manufactured from top quality, hardened, high-carbon tool steel
  • Pack Size: 5 Blades
  • Product Code: STVGB
  • For more information CLICK HERE


Free Standing Kit

  • Ideal for when wall space is limited or flexibility of machine placement is required
  • Bolts directly to the back of the machine to produce a rigid and stable free-standing unit
  • Aluminium and steel construction
  • Use on all SteelTraK sizes and models
  • Product Codes: FSK160 for ST165, FSK210 for ST210 & ST250 for FSK250
  • For more information CLICK HERE


Glass Cutting Kit

  • For use with the SteelTraK range of vertical cutters to enable users to safely breakout glass vertically on the machine
  • One size - Maximum size of cut length is 165cm
  • Use on all SteelTraK sizes and models
  • Pack includes: Glass Cutting Ramp, Glass Cutting Wheels x 2 & Glass Cutting Block
  • Product Code: STGLC
  • Watch the YouTube Glass Cutting Kit Video HERE
  • For more information CLICK HERE


Aluminium Cutting Head

  • Cut Aluminium sheet material, up to a thickness of 1mm, in a single pass.
  • Comes fitted with a pair of high carbon hardened steel cutting wheels.
  • Use on all SteelTraK sizes and models
  • Replacement wheels available (Product code STALW)
  • Fits all sizes and models of SteelTraK
  • Product Code: STALC 
  • For more information CLICK HERE

Squaring Arm Extension

  • For use with all models of SteelTraK
  • Extends the left side of any SteelTraK Squaring Arm by 700mm
  • Ideal for users frequently handling larger boards who require additional material support
  • Anodised aluminium construction
  • Product Code: STSAE
  • For more information CLICK HERE 



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Evolution E2

Extreme Precision & Accuracy ideal for Pop-Up Displays-Double Head-Table Top Mounted-Up to 3.6m cut length-Sign Making & Digital Print Specific-Banner, textiles, rigid boards & more-Fully equipped