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Javelin Series 2

The Keencut Javelin-Series 2 range of precision wide-format cutter bars is designed to exceed the most demanding standards of accuracy. The unique design of the Javelin-Series 2 allows Keencut technicians to factory adjust for straightness, using laser technology, to within 0.2mm over the 3.1 metre length of the cutter bar (1:15000). The accuracy of the Javelin-Series 2 makes it ideal for cutting banner materials, pop-ups and other display materials that require precise and accurate cutting for perfect alignment.

The Javelin-Series 2 is designed for use as a portable unit or located on an existing work table using the Keencut optional surface mounted Lift & Hold system. Combined with the Keencut Big Bench the Javelin-Series 2 creates a complete cutting table and workstation in any workshop.

The Keencut Javelin Series-2 comes as standard with 3 blade holders for maximum versatility and can cut up to a depth of 13mm deep when using the Keencut Graphik blade and holder. The patented linear bearings have been tested under load for 1600km (1000 miles) and carry a 20 year guarantee. Full length silicon rubber grip strips ensure all work is clamped when cutting and also protect the surface of the material being cut.

The Keencut Javelin-Series 2 is ideal for cutting PVC Foamboard – Vinyl – Woven Fabrics – Foam Centred Board – Honeycomb & Corrugated Plastics – Film – Paper – Tissue and many more flexible and rigid materials.


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Javelin Series 2

Outstanding Features:

Javelin Series 2 - Supreme accuracy in a portable cutter bar


Vertical Cutting Action

  • Engage all blades on the Vertical Cutting Head using downward hand pressure
  • Patented space age bearing and slide system designed for operator adjustment and minimal maintenance

Graphik Blade Holder included as standard

Accepts Keencut Graphik Blades designed specifically for the Signmaker and Digital Printer:

  • Specially designed knife edge for extra stability in tougher materials
  • Extend cutting depth up to 13mm
  • Reversible - Set the blade to cut Left-Right or Right-Left
  • Increased durability and reduced tip breakage
  • Hard wearing & Oil-free
  • 10 Graphik Blades included with each machine

Rotary Blade Holder included as standard

  • Cold cut textiles and other delicate materials
  • Ideal for trimming thin strips off banners and posters where a knife blade would be too aggressive
  • Comes fitted with red blade guard to be engaged when not in use for optimum safety
  • A cutting mat is required (not supplied) when using the Rotary Blade Holder

Medium Duty Blade Holder Included as standard

  • Use standard off-the-shelf utility blades
  • Adjust to a blade depth of 10mm
  • Each machine is supplied with a pack of 100 Medium Duty Utility Blades

Blade Depth Adjuster

  • Both the Medium Duty Blade Holder and Graphik Blade Holder feature quick height adjustment sliders
  • Adjust the blade depth on the Medium Duty blade up to 10mm cutting depth
  • Adjust the blade depth on the Graphik blade up to 13mm cutting depth 


Blade Clamp

  • All blade holders come with a single 'blade clamp knob' for quick adjustment
  • A quick turn and the blade is unclamped for removal or adjusting cutting depth

Big Bench - Optional

  • Add a Big Bench to the Javelin Series 2 and create a complete cutting bench
  • Includes aluminium cutting base with silicon grip strip and full-length cutting groove
  • Complete with a pair of Integral Lift & Hold Mechanisms, the Big Bench enables the Javelin to be suspended above the work surface for easy loading and positioning of media
  • For more information CLICK HERE

Surface Mounted Lift & Hold Mechanism - Optional

  • Supplied as a pair to be affixed directly to existing work surface
  • Simply slot the Javelin Series 2 onto the Lifting Mechanisms using pre-existing location holes
  • Javelin Series 2 can be removed in seconds if cutter is needed to be used as a portable unit
  • For more information CLICK HERE
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In 1999 the original Javelin Cutter Bar was produced using a specialist Laser system to calibrate the full length of the cutting track.  This method of production, unique to Keencut, ensures that every Evolution, Javelin & Javelin Integra cutting system is factory guaranteed to cut straight to within 0.2 mm along the full length - perfect for creating a seamless appearance in displays and installations. 

Features & Performance

  • Outstanding 1:15000 straightness accuracy guarantee making the Javelin Series 2 ideal for Pop-up banner displays
  • Use alone as a portable cutter bar or integrate into the BigBench. BigBench provides a study aluminium bench frame, full length aluminium cutting base and Lift & Hold Mechanisms
  • Comes as standard with three different types of Blade Holders: Graphik Blade Holder (1), Medium Duty Blade Holder (1) and the Circular Knife Blade Holder (1) to provide maximum versatility and cutting options
  • Reverse the Graphik Blades (included) to set the machine to cut Left-Right, Right-Left or both
  • Using the single tool cutting and included blade holders, switch between cutting different materials in seconds
  • The new large diameter textile wheel improves performance and longevity – cutting mat will be required
  • When heat cutting and sealing is required the Keencut HotCut sliding head can be quickly attached with the appropriate electric Hot Knife and detached in seconds – ONLY USE the Hot Knife Holder if Javelin is mounted to the BigBench
  • Fully equipped and ready to work with blades included
  • Patented space age bearing and slide system designed for operator adjustment and minimal maintenance
  • Available in four practical sizes, from 1.6 to 3.1 metres


Ease of operation & safety

  • Blade locking thumb screw adds safety & convenience
  • Tools interchange quickly for maximum productivity
  • Optional Lift and hold mechanism available to enable the user to lift & load the cutter using levers at both ends rather than lifting the bar (Please refer to either SMLH or BigBench)
  • Spring loaded blade holders immediately retract when not in use
  • Multiple integral full length grip cords hold work safe and sure while cutting
  • Total dust free operation - safe to use near printers and plotters
  • Circular knife supplied with blade guard to be engaged when not in use


Guarantees & Construction

  • 100% manufactured by Keencut Technicians in England
  • Super grade anodising for lifetime good looks and function
  • Designed specifically for the design & display industries
  • 5 year comprehensive guarantee
  • 20 year replacement guarantee on all slide bearings


Materials the Javelin Series 2 will cut

  • Flag, banner, PVC Foamboard, foamcore, cardboard, corrugated plastic, polystyrene, flexible polycarbonate, flexographic plates, flooring tiles, magnetic sheet, film, self-adhesive materials and more
  • For a list of materials and thicknesses the Javelin Series 2 will cut please refer to the Product Comparison Chart
  • To compare the Javelin Series 2 against the complete range of Keencut Cutter Bars please refer to the Cutter Bar Comparison Chart


Jav 2 Dims with weight dec 2





"The Duratran Co. purchased our first Keencut system graphic cutter in 2000 and we have been in love with the performance ever since. Not only is the quality of these cutters unbeatable, but the consistency from graphic cut to graphic cut is simply phenomenal. Another great thing we have found with Keencut cutters is that they are so easy to learn to use. This really comes into play when we encounter delivery crunch times. Because these cutters are so easy to use, it helps us add extra staff to the cutting process very quickly. Training new material handlers to learn the cutting process usually takes just mere minutes. We have grown a lot since the purchase of our first Javelin cutter and have added more to the production department. I would give Keencut my highest recommendation to any other printer and graphic finisher. I would even go as far to say that these cutters are by far the best investment in finishing equipment that we have ever made."

Casey Ford, Owner and CEO
The Duratran Co.
203 S. Cutler Street
Spring Lake, Michigan 49456
Toll Free: 800.962.3119
Office: 616.296.0227
Fax: 616.296.0230

Javelin Series 2: Optional Accessories Explained


Big Bench

  • Pair of Lift & Holds fitted as standard which allow a single operator to quickly feed, align and cut materials with ease
  • Position or remove Javelin Series 2 in seconds without using a single tool
  • The BigBench incorporates the Keencut PROTEUS framework system
  • Strong and rigid even under heavy load
  • Fast easy construction
  • For more information CLICK HERE



  • Circular Blade Holder (VABHC)
    • Supplied complete with Circular Blade
    • Cold cut textiles and other delicate materials
    • Ideal for trimming thin strips off banners and posters where a knife blade would be too aggressive 
  • Medium Duty Blade Holder (VABHML)
    • Use standard off-the-shelf utility blades
    • Adjust to a blade depth of 10mm         
  • Graphik Blade Holder (VABHG)
    • Accepts specially designed Keencut Graphik Blades
    • Adjust to a blade depth of 13mm



  • Mechanises lifting and prevents cutter from moving during operation so increases the effectiveness of clamping and improves performance.
  • The SMLH is the simplest way to integrate the Javelin Series 2 into a standard workbench as it affixes directly to an existing bench.
  • The cutter slots on an off the mechanisms in seconds so the Javelin is always available to be used as a portable unit when needed.
  • Supplied as a set of two mechanisms – Left & Right
  • For more information CLICK HERE


HOT KNIFE HOLDER - For use Only when Javelin Series 2 is mounted to BigBench

  • The new Hot Knife Holders provide hot knife users with a safe, quick and accurate means of cutting and sealing synthetic fabrics, belting, webbing and more.
  • Includes a spring loaded mounting block for easy mounting to the cutter's slideway
  • A spring loaded trigger automatically activates the Hot Knife when depressed but instantly switches off once released
  • Run on the Keencut patented space age bearing and slide system designed for operator adjustment and minimal maintenance
  • Provides a safe and accurate alternative to using a Hot Knife free hand with a straight edge
  • The Hot Knife cuts approximately 3mm (1/8”) from the edge of the Sabre cutter bar, ensuring straight line cuts in the same location every time
  • The hot knife is securely held in place whilst heating up, keeping the potentially dangerous hot blade at a distance ensuring maximum safety
  • Product Codes:
    • Holder for HSGM Cutter, Model HSG-0. Product Code: HOT
    • Holder for AZ Cutter, Model TC20. Product Code: HOTAZ




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