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Evolution3 range

  • Lift-and-Hover (Patent Pending) for fast, accurate cut alignment
  • Futureproof and versatile QuikSwap tool heads
  • Ultra High Precision 0.2mm accuracy
  • 5 year warranty

Available in 1.6m, 2.1m, 2.6m and 3.1m lengths. Coming soon: custom lengths up to 5.5m.


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Evolution3 range

Three models to choose from and a choice of heads


  • Portable version for flexible use


• Fits on any flat bench
• Lift-and-Hover


• Swing-down under-bench storage
• Lift-and-Hover
• Integral cutting strip
• Ideal for busy production environments

Graphik tool head

• Cuts vinyl, banner, cardboard, PVC foamboard, foam-centred board, corrugated plastic
• Two-way cutting
• Stronger and more stable than regular blades

Fabric tool head

• Cut fabrics leaving a clean finish
• Spring loaded cutting wheel
• Consistent pressure for reliable cutting

Creasing tool head

• Crease corrugated and plain card
• Adjustable pressure to suit a wide range of materials

Coming soon

• ‘Pivot’ style medium duty blade holder
• Hot knife holder
• Glass cutter

Quick and easy alignment

• Sightline strip shows exactly where the cut will be
• Lift-and-Hover holds the sight line strip just above the media
• Raise and lower the clamp with minimal effort

Simple to use

• Intuitive - minimal training needed
• Operate from either end
• Operated by one person even with large sheet materials

Saves time and money

• Better alignment means fewer mistakes and less waste
• Designed for fast work and better productivity

Reliable and built to last

• Manufactured in the UK using high quality components
• Keencut 5 year warranty




Evo3 diagram


 E3 Dimensions

Reviews for the Evolution3 will be coming soon!

Evolution3: Optional Accessories Explained


Evolution Bench

  • Designed specifically for all sizes of Evolution3 and Evolution E2
  • The EB Bench incorporates the Keencut PROTEUS framework system
  • The EB Bench comes complete with framework and aluminium base for quick and easy mounting of the Evolution3 or E2
  • Strong and rigid even under heavy load
  • Fast easy construction
  • For extra wide benches Extension Kits are available
  • Product Codes: EB160-EB360


Additional QuikSwap Tool Heads

  • All Evolution3 cutters delivered with Graphik Blade Tool Head as standard.
  • Allows cutting of a large variety of materials in both directions.

Other QuikSwap Tool Heads:

  • Fabric tool head - leaves a better edge on fabrics. Incorporates a spring loaded cutting wheel for consistent pressure and reliable cutting.
  • Creasing tool head - Creases corrugated and plain card. Also adjustable to suit a wide range of materials.

QuikSwap Tool Heads coming soon:

  • Pivot style medium duty blade holder.
  • Hot knife holder.
  • Glass cutter.





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Evolution E2 Bench

Designed specifically for all sizes of Evolution E2. Incorporates the Keencut PROTEUS framework system. Strong and rigid even under heavy load. Fast easy construction. Extension kit options.

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Heavy Duty Vertical Cutter for Signmakers & Printers-Up to 2.5m cut length-For DiBond, PVC Foamboard, Acrylic & more-Zero debris-Superb build quality & low maintenance-Easy operation under heavy load

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