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Fabric & Textile Cutters


Synthetic textiles have become increasingly popular with sign makers and digital printers in order to make eye-catching displays at tradeshows, along the high street or even at point of sale.


Hot cutting textiles and fabrics:

  • Whilst there are a number of textiles available that do not fray there are many that may, over time, fray once cut. For fabrics susceptible to fraying, simultaneous cutting and sealing of the edge is a great option as it is both quick and effective. To do this a hot knife is used.

Cold cutting textiles and fabrics:

  • If the fabric is to be hemmed after cutting then simply trimming the material using a sharp, non-heated blade is sufficient as the cut edge is to be finished so will not be subjected to wear that can cause fraying. 


Keencut offer solutions for customers wishing to either hot and cold cut fabrics. To explore the options when using an electric hot knife please click on ‘Sabre HotCut System’ in the left menu bar. The Sabre HotCut is designed to take a holder compatible with either the HSGM Hot Knife (HSG-0) or the AZ Hot Knife (TC20). Please note Keencut does not supply the hot knives, but the equipment to enable users to operate these tools more efficiently and safely.


When cutting natural fibres and textiles designed not to fray then the Evolution E2 is recommend as this machine is supplied as standard with a Textile Cutting Wheel and a full length cutting track to be used in conjunction with the cutting wheel.  A Hot Knife Holder can be added to the Evolution E2 if hot cutting becomes a requirement.


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