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Support Arms, 60cm long

Optional Support Arms

Adds additional support and extends base 


  • Ultimat Gold
  • Ultimat Futura
  • Futura Flexo (Pictured)
  • Also compatible with the Original Ultimat


Clip-on Base Extension Arms to increase the effective width of the base to 100cm (39”) to hold large boards flat and square by preventing sag


When Used with Ultimat Gold & Ultimat Futura:

  • Affix to the left to use with the margin guide
  • Affix to the right to offer board support when using the Squaring Arm


When used with the Futura Flexo:

  • Affix to the left for additional board support or use with optional Futura Cutting Fence (Cutting Fence comes with 2 x Support Arms)
  • Affix to the right for additional board support or use with the optional Futura Squaring Arm


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Support Arms, 60cm long

Adds support to either left or right side of machine

For Ultimat Gold, Ultimat Futura and Futura Flexo (Futura Flexo Pictured with 2 sets of Support Arms)

  • Uses the unique Keencut Base-clip System for super-quick Clip-on, Clip-off
  • Affix to either the left or right side of the base to extend the effective width to 100cm (39”)
  • Each Support Arm is 60cm long
  • Hold large boards flat and square by preventing sag
  • Silver Anodised Aluminium

Construction & Product Information:

  • 100% manufactured by Keencut Technicians in England
  • 99.98% of materials from the best suppliers in Western Europe
  • Lightweight, Silver Anodised Aluminium
  • High tensile aerospace aluminium alloy construction
  • Super grade anodising for lifetime good looks and function
  • Product Code: SUP60
  • Kit includes: 2 x Support Arms, 60cm long


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Ultimat Futura

Professional Straightline Mat Cutter specifically designed for tougher boards-All new cutting head with built-in self-aligning ball bearing rollers-twin steel tracks-no discernible friction under load

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Futura Flexo

Bevel & vertical cutting all on one head-Ideal for cutting flexographic plates, packaging materials, floor graphics, mountboard and more-Specialist & general purpose cutting-Available in 4 sizes

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Futura Flexo Roller Lift & Hold

Futura Flexo Roller Lift & Hold is designed to make all-day production cutting a pleasure by reducing the already low lifting effort by two thirds

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Futura Flexo Squaring Arm

Futura Flexo Squaring Arm is Ideal for accurately sizing and squaring rigid boards - use with optional Support Arms when cutting semi-rigid material

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Futura Flexo Cutting Fence

The Futura Cutting Fence adds additional support and control particularly when cutting down larger boards, flexographic plates etc.