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A key feature of each Keencut machine since the Company was founded is that all tools and accessories are supplied as standard to ensure all anticipated tasks can be completed without the need to purchase additional accessories. However, in response to a number of specialist applications, a range of accessories have been designed to enable the user to expand the versatility of their specific machine.

For SteelTraK: There are a number of tools available to add to the cutting capabilities of the SteelTraK like the V-Groove Tool and the Aluminium Cutting Head.  A number of accessories have also been developed to make the machine more flexible like a Free Standing Kit and Squaring Arm Extension unit

For Excalibur & Excalibur 3S: Fully functioning for its intended use as a Picture Framer’s workhorse, the only additional accessory that may be necessary is the Free Standing Kit

For Sabre HotCut, Evolution E2, Javelin Integra & Sabre Series 2: For customers wanting to safely use an existing electric hot knife, or looking to purchase one, Keencut have developed two Hot Knife Holders to fit directly to any one of the Keencut table or base mounted cutter bars

For Evolution E2, Javelin Integra, Javelin Series 2 & Sabre Series 2: All Series 2 machines use the Vertical Action Cutting Head which take the Vertical Action Blade Holders. Additional blade holders are available for customers wishing to enhance and speed up their production methods by pre-setting blade depths and cutting directions  

For Javelin Series 2: The Big Bench is available to add to the Javelin Series 2 but for customers wishing to incorporate the cutter into their own bench the Surface Mounted Lift & Hold would be a great solution

For Futura Flexo: The Futura Flexo is fully functioning straight out of the box however for more specific applications like handling large boards, production work or for squaring material down to size then additional tools would be an advantage. Four accessories are available in the form of a Roller Lift & Hold, Right Hand Measuring Arm, Left Hand Cutting Fence and Support Arms

For Ultimat Futura: Fitted with all the necessary production stops, measuring arms and cutting tools there really is very little to be added to the mount cutters. However, for convenience, when squaring larger boards, a pair of Support Arms are available which clip directly to the right hand side of the machine

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