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Keencut design and manufacture a wide array of cutting machines which can make the selection process a little daunting at times. Please see below an overview of the product ranges to help narrow down the search: 


Table Top Cutters:  Includes a family of cutters which either sit or are fitted to an existing bench or a Keencut bench or stand.  Sizes range from 1m up to 3.6m and accuracy ranges from general purpose to extreme precision. Table top cutters are primarily used for cutting flexible material but will also cut a variety of rigid and semi rigid boards.

Vertical Cutters: Includes a group of cutters which can be either wall mounted or freestanding to cut material up to 2.5m in length. Depending upon the model cutting applications range from cutting corrugated card up to DiBond and Aluminium

Mount Cutters: Since 1982 Keencut have manufactured a range of technologically advanced manual mount cutters and today’s range includes the ever popular Ultimat Gold and the all new Ultimat Futura. Both the Ultimat Gold and Ultimat Futura are available in 3 sizes ranging from 1m up to 1.5m. Kindly note for the purposes of comparison Mount Cutters are also referred to by many as Mat Cutters however, in the interests of standardisation, only the descriptor ‘Mount Cutter’ is used on this website. 

Rotary Trimmers:  Within this range is the Technically Advanced Technic ARC and Technic ARC TE. Ideal machines for general purpose cutting and trimming of paper, card, banner, tissue and more. From 1m up to 3.1m 

Work Benches & Stands: This range includes both cutter specific benches and stands and multi-purpose work benches. All of anodised aluminium construction they are incredibly strong, durable and maintain their good looks for years.

Accessories: Each machine is supplied with a full set of accessories deemed necessary for the machine to perform a wide array of normal functions. For more specific, non-standard applications there is a selection of accessories available to enable the user to tailor the machine to their specific needs.   

High Precision Cutters: Essential for specific applications like fabricating Pop-up Banner Displays, this range includes cutters with straightness tolerances to within 0.2mm. Products include the Evolution E2, Javelin Integra and Javelin Series 2. Cutting lengths start at 1.1m and extend to 3.6m

Fabric & Textile Cutters: Keencut offer a range of tools for both hot cutting and sealing synthetic fabrics and cold cutting textiles

Safety Straight Edges: Keencut offer a range of high quality straight edges from 45cm up to 180cm. 

All Cutters: View a list of all cutters, by name, in the Keencut Product Range

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