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Safety Straight Edge

The first and only manual V-groove tool for ACM and PVC Foamboard

Keencut have developed another revolutionary cutting device in the new SteelTrak V-Groove cutter. Keencut V-Groove Cutter enables the folding of Aluminium composite and PVC foamboard. Cutting smoothly and silently without electrical power debris or burred edges SteelTraK V-groove cutting tools are available for thicknesses of 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, & 6mm Aluminium Composite and PVC board. Keencut engineers specially designed the patented V-Groove cutter to remove exactly the correct amount and shape of aluminium and core material from one side of the sheet to allow a smooth strong 90° fold to be made with just hand pressure. The construction of sign trays, self standing displays and boxes was never accomplished with a simpler, faster or more economical cutting system.

Designed with the future in mind the Keencut SteelTraK enables the selected cutting tools to be fitted and removed in seconds from the unique 4-function counterbalanced sliding carriage with a single finger screw.

Keencut V-Groove Cutter is manufactured from top quality hardened high-carbon tool steel the one size cutting tool tip fits all cutter assemblies and is specified to withstand extensive use. Replacements are available in workshop packs of five.

PatentedSteelTraK Dibond and Foamboard V-Groove Attachment
V-Groove Cutter on Lightweight aluminium frame

All steel components are CNC machined in- house with total quality control

 All steel components electro-plated for life-long corrosion resistance

Replaceable tool tips fit all sizes of cutter block

V-Groove Cutter removes the correct amount of material for 90 degree angles.

Cutting profile to exact industry standards for folding and fixing

No debris, noise or rough cut edges

Ultra close depth control



STVGB   Replacement Blades (5 pack)

2mm V-Groove Tool
3mm V-Groove Tool
4mm V-Groove Tool
5mm V-Groove Tool
6mm V-Groove Tool
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